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Kinder des Lichts

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Raisa is an eleven year old girl who lives in a city destroyed by the war. She copes with the situation and the disappearance of her father, by inventing and believing in a place that she calls the "Land of Light". It's a place where all her wishes and dreams will be fulfilled. In this peaceful land children can play without worrying and parents take care of their descendants. A place, where all people are equal, no matter what group or religion they belong to, finally it is the place where she believes her father is waiting for her. When her grandmother loses her life and she is left alone with her younger brother, Raisa sets out to find this place. During the journey through a devastated country, she takes with her every child that she meets and an unlikely group sets out to face the challenges together. While the others start to believe her prophecy and follow her onto a dangerous journey, Raisa has to learn that the world that she fantasizes doesn't exist. And the once unified ...


Genre:AbenteuerLänge:70 Minuten
Regie:David RufDrehbuch: Anke Klaaßen mehr
Schauspieler: Noor Kayson, Najem Edden Al Kassem, mehrJawa Al Kassem, Khaled Tlass, Molham Al Mostafa Links:IMDB
IMDB Wertung: 7,6 (11 Stimmen)
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Typ: 720p
Gruppe: HQOD
Tonqualität: 0/10 (0 Bewertungen)
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